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giverny welsch, as interdisciplinary artist


@Jimmy Francoeur



I love the place, the body, playing it, nourishing it. I like to impact atmospheres, transform these vulnerabilities which push us to persist, to stay, to investigate original curiosities, taboos; to surrender to the senses as they surrender to us.

I seek to preserve the integrity of life through loving gestures. I love immeasurable textures, those of the future and those of memories too. I want to release the mystery while honoring its tension, taste the wind, brush against the untouchable, climb into fertilizing materials, see it born and grow.


I want to give birth to the love of collective movement; to see things through the power of sensations, emotions and complexity; to give the desire and pleasure to understand the world differently.


I am a movement thinker who aspires to see the world be at peace with the vital place of contemplation, of the almost inactive and the infinitely small, of the ugly and the sadness, of rage to excitement, of epiphany to lethargy.


I aspire to find a way to educate through creative, subtle, intuitive, yet immersive mediums.


To do this, I try the gentle impromptu of things. Thus, I dare to pay homage to what we often associate with the insignificance of life, I dare perhaps to put forward the process of discomfort, of an invisible nature, but from which emerges construction of things, a precious building, place of confrontations and impulses. Our extra strong vanilla body.



Giverny Welsch graduated from the bachelor's degree in dance from UQÀM in 2018 from the performance profile. Strongly inspired by somatic approaches such as Continuum, Body Mind Centering and the technique of Anna Halprin, she works in the field of performance as a creator of intimate and sensual universes, soon, she hopes, to be immersive.

Currently, she works with the collective Laborare, Compagnie Optixx, Human Playground, Sursaut, as performer-creator/co-choreographer/main collaborator.

Particularly interested in her ethics and creative process anchored in the skin, she is currently writing a dissertation on the poetic potential of the psychic work of the artist in dance.

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